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Mildred Henson



Hope Restored Christian Ministries was founded with the dream of providing Ugandan children with the proper nutrition that would enable them to lead successful lives. As a nurse, Christina set out to establish a nutrition program that would feed bellies and keep their minds focused while  in school. Within the first three months of the inception of Hope Restored, funds were raised to ensure that all children and staff at Nakaseeta school were able to eat two nutritious meals at school every day. With the inception of the nutrition program, students were no longer distracted by hunger and no longer need to steal food. The teachers at Nakaseeta are reporting students have improved concentration during class. Hope Restored dreams of doing more than simply providing nutritious meals for children and staff.

At the heart of Hope Restored is a desire to build strong families and strong communities. Hope Restored has created a medical clinic that provides medical care to the families of Nakaseeta. This clinic provides medical care to the families of the village. It also provides medical training for those running the clinic to be self-sufficient. This clinic has significantly improved the health of those in Nakaseeta by providing mosquito nets to prevent malaria.


As a focus for 2021 and 2022, we collaborated with a local University in Uganda on a Demonstration Farm/Poultry Farm project in Nakaseeta. Interns from the University will teach farming techniques to the farmers in Nakaseeta, improving the availability of food and quality of living for those who live in the village.


Yelm, Washington

Nakaseeta, Uganda

John Joseph &
Christina Garcia

Joint co-founders

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Sara Henson


Craig and Susie Olson


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