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  •  General Fund – Any amount is appreciated. One time gifts will go to area with most need, unless otherwise specified.

  •  Poultry Farm – $50/month helps to pay for chickens and farm supplies.

  •  Medical Clinic – any monthly donation helps to keep the program running, $25, $50, $75, $100 etc. 

  • Demonstration Farm - The study of crops is an important part of their school lessons, and the children also have the benefit of eating delicious veggies that nourish their growing bodies from crops that are being grown on school grounds.

  •  Nutrition Program – Total cost is $650/month which feeds all staff and children 2 meals a day. Please consider a monthly or one time donation in any amount to help meet this need.

  •  Sponsorship Program – $35/month – supplies child with basic needs such as school fees, clothes, shoes, medical care.

  • Dental Clinic - Plans are in the works to bring a much needed dental clinic to the community. This is so exciting! If you'd like to help in any way we would be very appreciative!

Photo credit: Martin Oketcho

Photo Credit: Martin Oketcho

In addition to donating to all the exciting projects we have, you can also be directly involved in a child's life and commit to sponsoring them throughout their education.

For more information about sponsoring:


Tel: 360-480-9126

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