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Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program has been running smoothly since May of 2018. 
Christina first visited Uganda in 2015, and went back again in February of 2017. She had the opportunity to spend time with the Director of Nakaseeta Foundation Primary Christian School, John Joseph Mutegeki, who has become like family. During the time she was there, they discussed the lives of the children at the school. Due to their financial circumstances, the children were eating only one meal while at school, a small bowl of porridge, and for many of them, that was the only meal they would eat during the day.
The more they talked, they realized that for $500 USD/month, all 225 children enrolled at that time could receive two meals/day, a bowl of porridge, as well as a traditional Ugandan dish of posho and beans.  When she returned from Uganda, she began the work of opening a nonprofit organization called Hope Restored Christian Ministries, and almost immediately was able to procure $500/month in sponsorship. Beginning in May 2018, all the children and staff at the school began eating two meals daily. Factoring in inflation and increased school enrollment,  $650/month pays for the price of 2 meals/day for more than 400 children at the school, as well as each of the staff.


Pen Pal Program

The students at Nakaseeta are so excited to be building new friendships with students at an elementary school in Arkansas. They look forward to writing to students at other locations. What an incredible opportunity for young children in separate parts of the world to learn about new cultures – we are thrilled!!!!


Clean Water Program

We implemented a clean water system for drinking water at the school called “Impact Carbon”. This is a young child at the school drinking clean, filtered water. Photo credit: Martin Oketcho



The study of crops is an important part of their school lessons, and the children also have the benefit of eating delicious veggies that nourish their growing bodies from crops that are being grown on school grounds.

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Nakaseeta School

“We are so thankful for Hope Restored. The children can concentrate in class now that they’re not hungry. They are much more healthy now. Their stomachs are not hurting.” – teacher at Nakaseeta School

The dormitory is vital for the students who don't have families. Hope restored raises $80 for a bunk bed. The building started in 2020 and is now completed. 

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